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  • Register

    • Username -> this is always displayed in the community
    • Email
    • Password
    • Choose whether you are a customer or a video editor
    • Send in your registration
    • You will receive an sms with a verification code
    • Check your mobile phone – take the code – and type in your verification code
  • Create your profile

    • Upload your profile picture
    • Provide your address information
    • Insert your contact details
    • Save and upload your profile
  • Create a project

    • Please upload a relevant project image (1 upload title image)
    • Upload as many pictures, texts, videos (upload two media files) as you like and describe the individual files as accurately as possible for the editor
    • Project – provide information about the title, the delivery date and the description of the project
    • Videos – this is your opportunity to describe your video and work on the details such as the editing style, transitions, ratio, resolution, format, length in minutes, purpose, broadcasting system, and format – otherwise, the default standards will be set
    • Text – enter your desired text – title – intro – outro and general text with a description of where it should appear
    • Audio – specify your music request, or name the exact tile
    • Cutter costs – choose a fixed budget and specify the terms or ask for a discount for your project. All editors will first give you the asking price. If you want a discount, choose one of the savings options available to you.
    • Other – enter whether you are a private individual or which division you are part of. Please describe and name it in detail in order to give the editor a good sense of direction. Finally, add any relevant comments.
    • Agree to the privacy policy
    • Send your project out into the world of
    • You will then be directed to the job list with your projects

    Once you have submitted your project, you can no longer work on it so
    double check everything again

  • Select an editor

    • Find your projects under “view jobs”
    • Click on your project, here you can see all your details
    • Under “editor applied” you can find any projects implemented with their feedback to review
    • Click on the offer or the editor that best suits you and your project
    • On the right-hand side of the profile you will see “hire cutter” and if you would like to work with the editor, then click on the button
    • You will be automatically be redirected to PayPal. Log in, check the information, and go to pay now
    • As soon as the payment process is completed, you will receive an overview from PayPal of your payment. Use the button “back to the dealer”
    • You can automatically go back and view the profile on the right, the editor will be paid and the PayPal transaction number will be displayed at the same time
    • manages your money until you have make the payment, and pays the editor once the project is completed
    • The editor is then informed that a payment has been made and they can start working  immediately
    • You review the completed project
    • You rate and click on “complete project”
    • automatically transfers your amount to the editor/cutter
  • Congratulations on your professional video! | Video Editor | Hire an Video Editing Professional |

  • Register

    • Username -> this is always displayed in the community
    • Email
    • Password
    • Choose whether you are a customer or a video editor
    • Send in your registration
    • You will receive an sms with a verification code
    • Check your mobile phone – take the code – and type in your verification code
  • Create your profile

    • Upload your profile picture
    • List your address and your address information
    • Provide your contact details
    • Specify your PayPal email address
    • Provide your work experience and the software you use
    • Upload your profile / update your profile
  • Apply for a project

    • Visit the job list
    • Select any filters (if needed)
    • Select and check a project
    • Budget based projects – accept the agreed upon rate and accept the order, then submit your application
    • Offer based projects – make an offer to the customer that you will accept for the project
    • The customer now has your offer and will be notified
    • The customer then selects the best offer and pays for the project via PayPal
    • As soon as the money is received by, the editor is informed that the project has been paid for and can start working on it right away
    • After you have finished the video, upload it back into the project as a ZIP file. The customer will then be informed that the video is ready to be reviewed
    • The customer then downloads the video, checks it and confirms acceptance of the project.
    • The money will then be transferred from directly to the editor via Paypal
  • Congratulations on your completed project!

    • Select the next project

frequently asked questions

for customer

How do I pay and what is the payment process?

As soon as you have decided on the best video editor for your project, you can agree on the pricing structure by choosing the best options for you. You will automatically be directed to PayPal where you can log in, check the information, and go to “pay now”. Once the transaction is completed, you can return to your project. will safely manage your money until you have received your finished video and will pay the editor as soon as you close the project and leave a rating.

What is a better payment option, working on a budget or with a proposal?

It depends entirely on your preference. If you have a fixed budget in mind and are limited to this, certain editors will happily agree to work with this. Others will make you a proposal offer based on the details provided in your project information.

Can I make changes to the project once I have submitted it?

No, once you have submitted your project you will not be able to make any changes so please make sure that you double-check everything. However, once you have uploaded your project you have the option to delete it from the job list until you have hired and paid for the editor.

When my files are uploaded, who sees them and what are they used for?

When you upload your files to, they will be seen by all our registered editors who in accordance with our data protection policy, are not permitted to use your video or data for anything other than its original purpose. Unless you have a stipulated agreement with the editor or with to do so.

Who will guarantee that I get my video after I have paid?

At we manage the entire process from the registration to receiving the end video and everything in between, so you are in safe hands! We will ensure that you receive your video and pay the editor once you have closed and rated the project.

How can I get in touch with the editor?

Once you have hired an editor you will be able to access a chat section and communicate with your editor when you need to throughout the project to ensure the best results are produced.

Who can apply for my projects?

Professional video editors can apply to create your projects. You will be able to view previous projects they have worked on and look at ratings before deciding on awarding the project to the editor.

Is it possible to add audio to my project?

Yes. You will have the option to add an audio file of your own when you submit your project or you can use one of our audio file options to add to your video.

Once downloaded, is there a limit to the number of times I can share my video with the world?

No. Once you have received the final edited video you can share it as many times as you like. Now it’s yours, so the possibilities are endless…

What if I am not satisfied with the end result?

We want you to be proud and happy with your video! It is important that you provide as much information as possible to the editor from the beginning. You are also able to communicate with your editor for the duration of the project to ensure that you have the perfect video in the end.

Do I need permission from others in my video to share it?

Once your files have been uploaded onto, you are agreeing that all the images and people featured in them have given consent to be in any video produced and shared.

What if the quality of my original video is not that great, can the editor still work with it?

When you list your project on the job list, video editors will be able to view it and apply for the job as well as to offer some suggestions. The quality of the video you upload to our system will reflect the outcome of the final video so try to make sure the quality is as good as possible.

Is there a limit to the number of projects I can upload at a time?

No, feel free to upload as many projects with your memories as you like! The more special memories you want to share with your loved ones, the better!

Are video editors available 24/7?

Yes. There will always be a video editor available to make you an offer at any time, as we use editors from all over the world.

What time zones do you use?

We use CET (Central European Time) and therefore all deadlines will be shown at 12 noon CET.

What further saving options are available and how does it work?

If you are happy to allow us to use our small logo on the top left-hand corner of your video for our marketing channels and promotional purposes you will be eligible for further discount options. You will be able to choose these when you initially decide on which payment option to use.

for editor

What type of qualifications do I need as a video editor to register with

We have jobs for every type of skill level so you will be able to find the best project suiting your level of experience, and be able to use our platform on a regular basis to create and share memories.

How do I get paid for my work and what is the payment process? safely manages the entire process on your behalf. Once the customer accepts your offer, we hold the money until the project is completed and then pay you directly for your services, thus guaranteeing you receive payment.

How long after submitting a final project, will I receive my money?

You will receive your money via PayPal within 24 hours after completing the project.

How many times can the customer review the end video and request changes?

This is entirely up to you! We want both the customer and the editor to be happy with the memories created and to continue to use and recommend us. As an editor, you can communicate with the customer throughout the process until they are satisfied with the end result.

What type of files can I use?

All types of data file options are possible! Please always carefully look at the project description to see which file type the customer requires and communicate with them if you are unsure. We want the entire process to run as smoothly as possible and for the best end result to be obtained.

Will there be a contract between the editor and the customer?

Yes, the moment you apply for a job and are hired by the customer, a contract is formed between the two of you to ensure the job is completed to satisfaction. act only as an intermediary and for ensuring payments, you will be responsible for making sure all the necessary information is correct.

How can I communicate with the customer?

Once you have received the order, a chat window option becomes available so that you can directly communicate with the customer during the entire process. This is important ensuring that everyone is happy with their amazing memories which they will be able to share with their loved ones all over the world!

Can I move the customer off onto my private platform?

We don’t recommend you do this as cannot guarantee you will receive payment for your services. If you are caught doing this you will receive a warning and might be blocked from our editor’s list if you continue to do this.

Can I use the video that I have produced for other purposes?

Once you have edited the video and any related data for the customer it becomes their intellectual property. You will need explicit written consent from the customer if you use it for any other purpose.

How do I get more jobs with

You will be informed that a job has been posted on the job list, which you can apply for. You can view the job and decide if you would like to create an amazing video for the customer and put in an offer. If the customer is happy with your offer you can start right away. Good luck with creating memories worth sharing!

How many projects can I work on at a time?

We encourage you to work on as many projects as you have time for. As long as you are able to meet the deadlines set by the customer and produce amazing results, then it’s a win-win! You can start off as a freelancer on the platform, build up your ratings, and eventually work full time through!